About me

My name is Steve Wallis, I have been a fully qualified approved electrician for almost 35 years, having carried out my Apprenticeship for a small company in Ferndown I then joined what was then Southern Electricity Board, having been with them for over 25 years I felt I needed a change. I have worked in both the domestic and commercial environment and have a good understanding of what is required in both fields .

Over the years I have gathered experience and developed the ability to take on any electrical tasks, which allows me to work on any job with full confidence in the fact that I will leave my customers only when they are fully satisfied with my work.

I've always undertaken building, maintenance and repair work on my own properties. I believe that the wide variety of building projects and repairs I have undertaken over the years of my own and other properties has given me a tremendous amount of experience and allows me to provide a cost-efficient, versatile and friendly personal handyman service for residents and businesses in and around the Broadstone, Poole and Wimborne areas. From a simple light bulb for an older person's home to gutter clearing for a shop in the High Street, repairing mortar on a door step to completely rebuilding a garden wall. For these and many other jobs around your property please contact me for a free no obligation quote.